Refereed Papers

Warm Ionized Medium Throughout the Sagittarius-Carina Arm

Krishnarao, Haffner, Benjamin, Hill, & Barger, 2017, ApJ, 838, 43

The Fan Region at 1.5 GHz. I: Polarized synchrotron emission extending beyond the Perseus Arm

Hill, Landecker, Carretti, Douglas, Sun, Gaensler, Mao, McClure-Griffiths, Reich, Wolleben, Dickey, Gray, Haverkorn, Leahy, Schnitzeler, 2017, MNRAS, 467, 4631

The Ionization Structure of Sharpless 2-264: Multiwavelength Observations of the λ Ori H II Region

Sahan & Haffner, 2016, AJ, 151, 147

Modern view of the warm ionized medium

Hill, Reynolds, Haffner, Wood, & Madsen, 2015, Highlights of Astronomy, 16, 574-575

Models of diffuse Hα in the interstellar medium: the relative contributions from in situ ionization and dust scattering

Barnes, Wood, Hill, & Haffner, 2015, MNRAS, 447, 559-566

The geocoronal Hα cascade component determined from geocoronal Hβ intensity measurements

Roesler, Mierkiewicz, & Nossal, 2014, Journal of Geophysical Research (Space Physics), 119, 6642-6647

Photoionization and heating of a supernova-driven turbulent interstellar medium

Barnes, Wood, Hill, & Haffner, 2014, MNRAS, 440, 3027-3035

The COS/UVES Absorption Survey of the Magellanic Stream. III. Ionization, Total Mass, and Inflow Rate onto the Milky Way

Fox, Wakker, Barger, Hernandez, Richter, Lehner, Bland-Hawthorn, Charlton, Westmeier, Thom, Tumlinson, Misawa, Howk, Haffner, Ely, Rodriguez-Hidalgo, & Kumari, 2014, ApJ, 787, 147

Hα and [S II] Emission from Warm Ionized Gas in the Scutum-Centaurus Arm

Hill, Benjamin, Haffner, Gostisha, & Barger, 2014, ApJ, 787, 106

Fossil Imprint of a Powerful Flare at the Galactic Center along the Magellanic Stream

Bland-Hawthorn, Maloney, Sutherland, & Madsen, 2013, ApJ, 778, 58

Magnetized Gas in the Smith High Velocity Cloud

Hill, Mao, Benjamin, Lockman, & McClure-Griffiths, 2013, ApJ, 777, 55

Warm Ionized Gas Revealed in the Magellanic Bridge Tidal Remnant: Constraining the Baryon Content and the Escaping Ionizing Photons around Dwarf Galaxies

Barger, Haffner, & Bland-Hawthorn, 2013, ApJ, 771, 132

Three-dimensional Geometries and the Analysis of H II Regions

Wood, Barnes, Ercolano, Haffner, Reynolds, & Dale, 2013, ApJ, 770, 152

Present-day Galactic Evolution: Low-metallicity, Warm, Ionized Gas Inflow Associated with High-velocity Cloud Complex A

Barger, Haffner, Wakker, Hill, Madsen, & Duncan, 2012, ApJ, 761, 145

Erratum: ''Vertical Structure of a Supernova-driven Turbulent, Magnetized Interstellar Medium''

Hill, Joung, Mac Low, Benjamin, Haffner, Klingenberg, & Waagan, 2012, ApJ, 761, 189

Sodium atoms in the lunar exotail: Observed velocity and spatial distributions

Line, Mierkiewicz, Oliversen, Wilson, Haffner, & Roesler, 2012, Icarus, 219, 609-617

Vertical Structure of a Supernova-driven Turbulent, Magnetized Interstellar Medium

Hill, Joung, Mac Low, Benjamin, Haffner, Klingenberg, & Waagan, 2012, ApJ, 750, 104

GSH 006-15+7: a local Galactic supershell featuring transition from H I emission to absorption

Moss, McClure-Griffiths, Braun, Hill, & Madsen, 2012, MNRAS, 421, 3159-3169

Observed and modeled solar cycle variation in geocoronal hydrogen using NRLMSISE-00 thermosphere conditions and the Bishop analytic exosphere model

Nossal, Mierkiewicz, & Roesler, 2012, Journal of Geophysical Research (Space Physics), 117, 3311

Photoionization of High-altitude Gas in a Supernova-driven Turbulent Interstellar Medium

Wood, Hill, Joung, Mac Low, Benjamin, Haffner, Reynolds, & Madsen, 2010, ApJ, 721, 1397-1403

Ionized gas in the Smith Cloud

Hill, Haffner, & Reynolds, 2009, ApJ, 703, 1832

PDF [580 k]

The Warm Ionized Medium in Spiral Galaxies

Haffner, Dettmar, Beckman, Wood, Slavin, Giammanco, Madsen, Zurita, & Reynolds, 2009, Rev. Mod. Phys., 81, 969

PDF [3.1 M]

Confirmation of a Faraday Rotation Measure Anomaly in Cygnus

Whiting, Spangler, Ingleby, & Haffner, 2009, ApJ, 694, 1452

PDF [445 k]

Geocoronal hydrogen observations spanning three solar minima

Nossal, Mierkiewicz, Roesler, Haffner, Reynolds, & Woodward, 2008, JGR, 113, A11307

The Turbulent Warm Ionized Medium: Emission Measure Distribution and MHD Simulations

Hill, Benjamin, Kowal, Reynolds, Haffner, & Lazarian, 2008, ApJ, 686, 363

PDF [2.3 M]

Determination of the Far‐Infrared Cosmic Background Using COBE DIRBE and WHAM Data

Odegard, Arendt, Dwek, Haffner, Hauser, & Reynolds, 2007, ApJ, 667, 11

PDF [595 k]

A Multiwavelength Optical Emission Line Survey of Warm Ionized Gas in the Galaxy

Madsen, Reynolds, & Haffner, 2006, ApJ, 652, 401

PDF [4.8 M]

Estimating the Porosity of the Interstellar Medium from Three-dimensional Photoionization Modeling of H II Regions

Wood, Haffner, Reynolds, Mathis, & Madsen. 2005, ApJ, 633, 295

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PostScript [gzip, 775 k]

An Investigation of Diffuse Interstellar Gas toward a Large, Low-Extinction Window into the Inner Galaxy

Madsen & Reynolds. 2005, ApJ, 630, 925

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PostScript [gzip, 2 M]

Unresolved Halpha Enhancements at High Galactic Latitude in the WHAM Sky Survey Maps

Reynolds, Chaudhary, Madsen, & Haffner. 2005, AJ, 129, 927

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PostScript [gzip, 417 k]

New Measurements of the Motion of the Zodiacal Dust

Reynolds, Madsen, & Moseley. 2004, ApJ, 612, 1206

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PostScript [gzip, 704 k]

Observations of solar cyclical variations in geocoronal Hα column emission intensities

Nossal, Roesler, Mierkiewicz, & Reynolds. 2004, GeoRL, 31, L06110

Warm ionized gas in the local interstellar medium

Reynolds. 2004, AdSpR, 34, 27

A Search for Ionized Gas in the Draco and Ursa Minor Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies

Gallagher, Madsen, & Reynolds. 2003, ApJ, 588, 326

PDF [116 k] 
PostScript [128 gzip, k]

The Wisconsin Hα Mapper Northern Sky Survey

Haffner, Reynolds, Tufte, Madsen, Jaehnig, & Percival. 2003, ApJS, 149, 405.

PDF [4.3 M]
PostScript [gzip, 4.5 M]

Measurements of [O I] λ6300/Hα Line Intensity Ratios for Four O Star H II Regions

Hausen, Reynolds, & Haffner. 2002, AJ, 124, 3336

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PostScript [gzip, 160 k]

WHAM Observations of Hα from High-Velocity Clouds: Are They Galactic or Extragalactic?

Tufte, Wilson, Madsen, Haffner, & Reynolds. 2002, ApJ, 572, 153

PDF [112 k] 
PostScript [gzip, 140k]

Interstellar Hα Line Profiles toward HD 93521 and the Lockman Window

Hausen, Reynolds, Haffner, & Tufte. 2002, ApJ, 565, 1060

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PostScript [gzip, 172 k]

Multiwavelength observations of the M15 intermediate-velocity cloud

Smoker, Haffner, Keenan, Davies, & Pollacco. 2002, MNRAS, 337, 385

PDF [684 k]

A New Spin on Galactic Dust

de Oliveira-Costa, Tegmark, Finkbeiner, Davies, Gutierrez, Carlos, Haffner, Jones, Aled, Lasenby, Rebolo, Reynolds, Tufte, & Watson. 2002, ApJ, 567, 363

PDF [160 k] 
PostScript [gzip, 164 k]

Observations of the Extended Distribution of Ionized Hydrogen in the Plane of M31

Madsen, Reynolds, Haffner, Tufte, & Maloney. 2001, ApJ, 560, L135

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PostScript [gzip, 174 k]

Detection of a Large Arc of Ionized Hydrogen Far Above the Cas OB6 Association: A Superbubble Blowout into the Galactic Halo?

Reynolds, Sterling, & Haffner. 2001, ApJ, 558, L101

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PostScript [gzip, 123 k]

A Map of the Ionized Component of the Intermediate-Velocity Cloud Complex K

Haffner, Reynolds, & Tufte. 2001, ApJ, 556, L33

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Original Figure 1 [Color Postscript, gzip, 281 k]

Detection of [N II] 5755 Emission from Low Density Ionized Interstellar Gas

Reynolds, Sterling, Haffner, & Tufte. 2001, ApJ, 548, L221

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PostScript [gzip, 88 k]

Geocoronal Hα Intensity Measurements Using the Wisconsin Hα Mapper Fabry-Perot Facility

Nossal, Roesler, Bishop, Reynolds, Haffner, Tufte, Percival, & Mierkiewicz. 2001, JGR , 106, 5605

Searching for Additional Heating: [O II] Emission in the Diffuse Ionized Gas of NGC 891, NGC 4631, and NGC 3079

Otte, Reynolds, Gallagher & Ferguson. 2001, ApJ, 560, 207

PDF [2 M] 
PostScript [gzip, 3 M]

Galactic Contamination in the QMAP Experiment 

de Oliveira-Costa, Tegmark, Devlin, Haffner, Herbig, Miller, Page, Reynolds, & Tufte. 2000, ApJ, 542, L5

PDF [136 k] 
PostScript [gzip, 196 k]

Physical Conditions, Grain Temperatures, and Enhanced Very Small Grains in Barnard's Loop

Heiles, Haffner, Reynolds, & Tufte. 2000, ApJ, 536, 335

PDF [709 k] 
PostScript [gzip, 885 k]

Observational Evidence of Supershell Blowout in GS 018-04+44: The Scutum Supershell

Callaway, Savage, Benjamin, Haffner, & Tufte, 2000, ApJ, 532, 943

PDF [1.6M] 
PostScript [gzip, 2.3M]

Evidence for Dust Emission in the Warm Ionised Medium Using WHAM Data

Lagache, Haffner, Reynolds, & Tufte. 2000, A&A, 354, 247

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PostScript [146 k]

Evidence for an Additional Heat Source in the Warm Ionized Medium of Galaxies

Reynolds, Haffner, & Tufte. 1999, ApJ, 525, L21

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PostScript [gzip, 87 k]

WHAM Observations of Hα, [S II], and [N II] toward the Orion and Perseus Arms: Probing the Physical Conditions of the Warm Ionized Medium

Haffner, Reynolds, & Tufte. 1999, ApJ , 523, 223

PDF [2.3 M] 
PostScript [gzip, 2.3 M]

A Model for the Scattered Light Contribution and Polarization of the Diffuse Hα Galactic Background

Wood & Reynolds. 1999, ApJ, 525, 799

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PostScript [gzip, 2.0M]

Identification of Low-Metallicity Gas Accreting onto the Milky Way

Wakker, Howk, Savage, van Woerden, Tufte, Schwarz, Benjamin, Reynolds, Peletier, & Kalberla. 1999, Nature, 402, 388

PDF [270 k]

WHAM Observations of Hα Emission from High Velocity Clouds in the M, A, and C Complexes

Tufte, Reynolds, & Haffner. 1998, ApJ, 504, 773

PDF [672k] 
PostScript [gzip, 368k]

Faint, Large-scale Hα Filaments in the Milky Way

Haffner, Reynolds, & Tufte. 1998, ApJ, 501, L83

PDF [600 k]
PostScript [gzip, 3.6M]

Detection of [O I] 6300 Emission from the Diffuse Interstellar Medium

Reynolds, Hausen, Haffner, & Tufte. 1998, ApJ, 494, L99

PDF [134k]
PostScript [gzip, 125k]

Ionizing the Galaxy

Reynolds, Science, 277, 1446

The Wisconsin H-Alpha Mapper (WHAM): A Brief Review of Performance Characteristics and Early Scientific Results 

Reynolds, Tufte, Haffner, Jaehnig, & Percival. 1998, Publ. Astron. Soc. Aust., 15, 14

PDF [233 k]
PostScript [gzip, 670k]

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