Summer 2018 Courses

ZDD:  4 WEEK SESSION:  MAY 21 - JUNE 17, 2018

Astronomy 206: History of Astronomy and Cosmology

  • Instructor:   Dr. James Lattis
  • Schedule:     MTWR, 9:55-12:20, 1335 Sterling Hall

Covers the development of astronomical knowledge and cosmological views from the earliest times to the present, viewed in their social, philosophical, and technological contexts. Sessions will include one 10 minute break and many field trips. 

Pre-Reqs:  Sophomore standing.



Astronomy 103: The Evolving Universe

  • Instructor:   Dhaneshvaran Krishnarao
  • Schedule:     ONLINE

The universe is vast and ever-changing. The topics covered in this course include lifecycles of stars; supernovae and creation of elements; white dwarfs, pulsars and black holes; the Milky Way and galaxies; distances of stars and galaxies; quasars; expansion of universe; open and closed universes; the big bang. 

Pre-Reqs:  Completion of QR-A. Open to all Undergrads. Stdts may not receive cr for both Astron 100 & 103. Not open to stdts who meet prereq for Astron 200


DHH:  8 WEEK SESSION:  JUNE 18 - AUGUST 12, 2018

Astronomy 199: Directed Study

Independent reading and research under the mentorship of a faculty member.

Pre-Reqs:  Astron 100 or equiv or cons inst. Open to Fr

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