Global Simulations of the Interaction of Microquasar Jets with a Stellar wind in High-Mass X-ray Binaries

Type Conference Paper
Names Doosoo Yoon, Sebastian Heinz
Conference Name American Astronomical Society Meeting Abstracts
Volume 225
Date January 1, 2015
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Abstract Jets powered by high-mass X-ray binaries must traverse the powerful wind of the companion star. We present the first global 3-D simulations of jet-wind interaction in high-mass X-ray binaries. We show that the jet can be re-collimated where the internal jet pressure is equal to the wind ram pressure, and beyond the re-collimation, the jet thickness, h, follows from pressure equilibrium between the jet and bow-shock. Based on this analytic jet model, we analyze the effects of jet-wind interaction, bending the jet to an asymptotic angle ψ∞. Through both numerical study and analytic approach, we formularize the ψ∞ as a function of jet power and wind thrust, which can be used to constrain the jet power with known wind parameters. For example, we apply the formula to the case of Cygnus X-1, and show that given wind parameters for the O9.7 Iab companion, the jet power should be larger than 1.47 × 1036 ergs s-1 to keep the jet straight against the wind momentum flux as it is observed by VLBA. We further discuss the case where the initial jet is inclined relative to the binary orbital axis, which shows asymmetric behavior between approaching jet and receding jet from the companion star. We also analyze the case of Cygnus X-3 and show that jet bending is likely negligible unless the jet is significantly less powerful or much wider than currently thought.
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