Neutrino lighthouse at Sagittarius A*

Type Journal Article
Names Y. Bai, A. J. Barger, V. Barger, R. Lu, A. D. Peterson, J. Salvado
Publication Physical Review D
Volume 90
Issue 6
Pages 063012
Journal Abbreviation Physical Review D
Date September 1, 2014
DOI 10.1103/PhysRevD.90.063012
ISSN 0556-2821
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Abstract We investigate whether a subset of high-energy events observed by IceCube may be due to neutrinos from Sagittarius A*. We check both spatial and temporal coincidences of IceCube events with other transient activities of Sagittarius A*. Among the seven IceCube shower events nearest to the Galactic center, we have found that event 25 has a time very close to (around three hours after) the brightest x-ray flare of Sagittarius A* observed by the Chandra X-ray Observatory with a p-value of 0.9%. Furthermore, two of the seven events occurred within one day of each other (there is a 1.6% probability that this would occur for a random distribution in time). Thus, the determination that some IceCube events occur at similar times as x-ray flares and others occur in a burst could be the smoking gun that Sagittarius A* is a point source of very-high-energy neutrinos. We point out that if IceCube Galactic center neutrino events originate from charged pion decays, then TeV gamma rays should come from neutral pion decays at a similar rate. We show that the CTA, HAWC, H.E.S.S. and VERITAS experiments should be sensitive enough to test this.
Tags Galactic center bar circumnuclear matter and bulge, Neutrino muon pion and other elementary particle detectors, Ordinary neutrinos (nuW bosons, cosmic ray detectors
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