Jay (John) Gallagher III

W. W. Morgan & Rupple Bascom Emeritus Professor

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Ph: (608) 263-2456
Office: 5504 Sterling Hall

Research Interests:

What are the structures of present day galaxies, how are they evolving, and in what ways do they connect to their cosmic environments?  My research addresses these and related questions from an observational perspective with an emphasis on less massive galaxies. Active binary stars such as novae also remain an area of interest.



Prof. Jay Gallagher began his astronomical career with multi-wavelength studies of classical novae before turning to focus on his interest in understanding the physical nature of galaxies.  His approach to extragalactic astronomy is based around multi-wavelength observations, often involving novel use of instruments to gain new insights into the properties of galaxies. Dwarf galaxies and related lower mass galaxies have been of particular interest, since they not only are the most common class of galaxy, but also show a huge range in their present day characteristics.  This diversity enhances their value for finding and describing the astrophysical process responsible for shaping...read more

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