Ka Ho Yuen named Oppenheimer Distinguished Postdoc Fellow

Following his recent Ph.D. defense, Ka Ho will work at Los Alamos National Laboratories as an Oppenheimer Distinguished Postdoc Fellow

Apr.30.2022 | Continue Reading »

Astronomy Undergraduate Receives 2022 Goldwater Scholarship

Sophomore Lucy Steffes, who works in Astronomy with Prof. Snezana Stanimirovic and graduate student Dan Rybarczyk, received the prestigious scholarship.

Apr.28.2022 | Continue Reading »

UW-Madison scientists challenge formation narrative for Magellanic Clouds

A new model developed by scientists in the UW-Madison Astronomy and Physics Departments is pushing the cutting edge of our understanding of the formation and evolution of the Magellanic System.

Nov.22.2021 | Continue Reading »

Tracing the mass budget for planet formation

Professor Coco Zhang leads a team that has just been awarded 103 hours of observing time on the ALMA radio telescope, to study planet-forming disks.

Aug.18.2021 | Continue Reading »

Giant Planet Orbiting Tiny White Dwarf

Brand new UW-Madison Professor Andrew Vanderburg and his team discovered the first known gas giant planet in close orbit around a white dwarf star, published in the 09/16/2020 edition of Nature. The discovery has important implications for planetary evolution and habitability.

Sep.16.2020 | Continue Reading »

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